Paving Blocks

Concrete pavers are high strength solid block and produced by high pressure and vibration. It is popular for its strength, artistic design and easy installation. It has wide using field in Govt. and private sectors in our country. Usually Uni are used in port container yard, industrial yard, drive way, parking lot, court yard, garden road, internal industrial road, parking, footpath and many other areas.


 Reduce construction time.
• Curing is not required after installation.
• C.C and R.C.C mortar are not required for fixing.
• Only this course of sand is required under the pavers.
• Paver blocks are handy size so placing is very easy and replaceable.
• There is no harm in oil, mobil or grid.
• Uni-Paver is long lasting product because it is not affected by salt, sweat, dump & fungus.

Hollow Partition Block

Concrete stretcher blocks are used to join the corner in the masonry. Stretcher blocks are widely used concrete hollow blocks in construction. They are laid with their length parallel to the face of the wall.


  • It Is Used To Build All Kind Of Buildings
  • High Durability And Low Maintenance Cost.
  • Quick Construction And Minimal Use Of Resources.
  • Able To Carry More And More.
  • More Sound Absorption Power.
  • Mass Is Thirty Percent Less Than The Bricks.
  • Water Absorption Capacity Is Less, Which Completely Blocks The Dumping Of The Walls.



Our Kerb Stones are wet cast which gives excellent finish, good edges & concrete strength.

  • Molds are made from same master, so they are exactly same in geometrical dimension. You will never get a mismatch in shape.
  • All Kerbs have rounded edges. Rounding up the edge give a good aesthetic finish as well as eliminate problems due to edges getting damaged.
  • Since the edges are neat, joints can be left open. Joint filling & curing is mostly half done at site. This activity & associated problems & costs are all eliminated as kerbstone are fixed without joint filling.
  • We can add your logo or a motif on the kerb-stone surface. Give them a rough texture by sandblasting or make them look like dressed stone. It is possible to make a small niche and put reflector strip so that they become easy to see during low light.

Water Conservancy


Water Conservancy blocks are the most preferred option for any type of structural work where high compressive strength, low water absorption and good bonding with plaster/gypsum are the prime considerations. Ideal for use in internal or external walls, block floor systems, our solid blocks can even be used in foundations, boundary walls and various masonry work including load bearing applications.